Grove Students

At Meadow Grove we strongly believe teaching God’s Word to kids is a vital part of Discipleship Training.
We strive to provide unique, age appropriate learning environments for kids of all ages.


(Newborn – 2 years old)

Offering a safe and educational environment with qualified care takers, our nursery offers you the opportunity  to relax and be comfortable during the church service knowing your child is having fun in good hands.


After leaving our nursery, little Meadow Grovers ages 3 years old through kindergarten students join our group known as First Look. First Look is and does exactly what the name says. Designed to give children their “first look” at God’s word, the adult leaders of the class bring the Bible to the youngsters in ways they can not only understand, but also begin applying to their lives.


(First – Fourth Grades)

Designed for children from first grade through fourth grade, UpStreet takes the next step in a growing relationship with God. Adult leaders not only teach accounts in the Bible, but also start building on student’s Christian foundation. Upstreet students are taught how to begin studying the scriptures on their own and to develop  their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


As children begin to transition into young adults, we believe their spiritual understanding should transition too. In branches, middle school and high school students learn lessons such as “What does it mean to be a Christian” and “The Cost of Being a Christian”. Branches leaders encourage students to dive into God’s Word on a deeper level to not only strengthen their own Christian walk but also to learn how to take The Word to others.